About Us

At Potluck, you can always find your favorites and try something new.

Potluck Press serves up greetings for every occasion from some of the country’s foremost designers and artists.  Because we seek out the best, we can ensure innovative, trendsetting cards.

The ink at Potluck Press runs as deeply as blood.  The family-run greeting card business, based in Seattle, was born of owner Patti McKillop’s love of words and photography.  The passion was sparked early in life by her grandfather, Bernard Nordmann, a Missouri-based publisher.  Today, Patti runs Potluck Press alongside her children (and two grandsons), spending their workday together and doing so with humor and love.

A driving force of the business is bringing excellence through collaboration.  Potluck Press is a place “where everyone brings something to the table.”  Input and ideas are not only celebrated, but expected, resulting in quirky and lovable ways to express everyday sentiments.

Our Team

Patti McKillop

Patti runs Potluck Press alongside her children (& two grandsons). She is inspired by the stack of books on her nightstand, her garden, and her three grandkiddos. She is solely powered by unsweetened iced tea…with extra ice.

Rosie Chheang
Office Manager

Rosie takes care of many of the day to day responsibilities of Potluck. Her desk is most often a mess, but she knows where everything is (most of the time).

Lim Chheang
Sales Manager / Printer

Lim runs the printing press that makes our towels & totes. The loves of his life are his family, his hometown of Tacoma & pho.

Matt McKillop
Warehouse Manager / Printer

Matt runs our print press and also manages our inventory. He often has his headphones on listening to all things Seattle sports.

The Everything Girl

We wish we could clone Karen.  Good at everything and always willing to share her delicious baked goods with us.  Don’t know how we ever survived without her.


Ann Stephenson
Photoplay Artist

The Beatles. Juno. Paula Scher. Vizslas. Orcas. Mint Chocolate Chip. Calla lilies.
Eames. Tennis. Stinky Cheese (aka: milk’s leap toward immortality). Helvetica.

Jennifer Parker
Juniper Trail Artist

Jennifer Parker is an innovative graphic and mixed media artist from Mill Valley, California. She has art directed and designed with distinguished gift industry companies for over a decade. Her extensive knowledge of Victorian imagery “ephemera”, coupled with a mastery of digital collage, sets Jennifer’s signature layered style apart in paper product design.

Jennifer’s mixed media, assemblages and licensed creations are inspired by her global excursions, spiritual interests, and her sensitivity to natural materials, rich textures and nuanced color.

Anne Cook
Bricolage Artist

Anne is a lifelong collector, constantly pursuing creativity and artful living. She considers herself a bricoleur – pronounced bree-kooh-loor –a (French word meaning someone with the ability to transform diverse objects into something new.) The wide range of her collections allows serendipity to happen as the creative process begins. Her card line was aptly named Bricolage, as it was born out of her need to play with a collection of ephemera that had taken over a corner of her studio. Anne and her husband have recently created a new business in the historic gold country town of Mokelumne Hill, California that is all about sharing their love of art. Visit www.acmeartmokehill.com to see what the latest artful thing she is up to.

Tracy W. Hambley
Problem Child Artist

I am a securely insecure introverted extrovert, peace loving Drama Queen, civilized trouble-maker, open-minded skeptic, dogged dog fancier, day tripping homebody, wavering realist, cynical people lover, and a great listener who can’t stop talking.

Emma Close

We call her Emma, Emma! She is responsible for many of the designs you see in our shop. She enjoys a good cup of coffee, putting organizational systems in place and her two darling boys.