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About Potluck Press

The ink at Potluck Press runs as deeply as blood. The family-run greeting card business, based in Seattle, was born from owner Patti McKillop's love of words and photography. That passion was sparked early in life by her grandfather, Bernard Nordmann, a St. Louis, Missouri-based printer and publisher of Neighborhood News. There she would watch the presses roll, hear the clank of machinery and breathe the ink-filled air.

Today, in her Seattle office, stacks of neatly kept journals filled with snippets and scrawls, and volumes of acquired black-and-white snapshots inspire the everyday collections you see today. Created by Patti and humor-tested by a brutally honest panel of friends and family members, you'll find Potluck Press products in specialty retailers nationwide.

People often ask about the Potluck name. It's an important question with a meaningful answer. A driving force of the business is bringing excellence through collaboration, "where everyone brings something to the table." In essence, the business is bolstered by its collective universe of extremely talented and passionate contributors.